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The 1st International Symposium on Law & Peace (ISLP) aims to become one of the brightest beacons to herald peace and harmony through the lens of law. The ISLP strives to provide a common platform to Legal Professionals, Youths, Policy Planners, Thinkers and Global Society at large, where they can come together, for the dialogue, open discussions, deliberations and can use the platform to recommend measures, to address conflict resolution through peace building processes, to promote the culture of peace and harmony, for digitally dynamic and complex society.

The Symposiumis a unique platform for non-political and non-aligned deliberations between Judges, Lawyers, Jurists, Adjudicators, Legal Advisors, Mediators, Academicians, Policy Makers, Social Observers, Industry Personnel, Youth, and Society at large to meet, exchange perspectives, and to share best practices, relating to the promotion of ethical and spirited leadership and for promoting sustainable peace and development processes through Law & Justice.


Law plays a crucial role in building the peace processes, by resolving the disputes and underlying conflicts.The

purpose of the Symposium is to provide collaborative platform to explore various measures, dimensions and way

forward with regards to Role of Law to Promote the Culture of Peace. Keeping in mind the changing dynamics of Law

& Society, the Symposium endeavours to initiate dialogue on Socio-legal issues of global society and for promoting

peace building processes.

The theme of the Symposium revolves around focussing the Lens of Law in spreading and promoting Peace

in global context, by initiating open discussions and deliberations for creating sensitization about Law & Peace building

processes for addressing the various challenges & issues of global society.


  • To appreciate and critically analyse the role of Law in the context of Peace building processes.

  • To delineate the tenets of value based legal practices.

  • To herald law to promote peace and harmony in global society.

  • To propose road map by addressing challenges and opportunities in the legal field with respect to peace-building.


  • Networking with Global Legal Professionals, Jurists, Lawyers,Adjudicators, Legal Advisors, Mediators, Policy Makers, Academicians,Social Observers, Administrators, Academicians, etc.

  • Non-Political and Non-Aligned open deliberations & discussions onproposing the way forward with reference to role of Law in peace building processes.

  • Raise awareness and sensitivity amongst participants about socio-legal issues and conflict resolution mechanism in global context.

  • Understanding challenges of Law in the context of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual global society and digital world.

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