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MIT WPU Vidhi Manthan-The Corporate Law Fest –National Level Competition


MIT-WPU School of Law is organizing “MIT WPU Vidhi Manthan - The Corporate Law Fest” - the National Law Fest

Date: 25th-26th February 2022

Venue: Virtual Platform

 About The Corporate Law Fest

  • Corporate law is an important area of study that helps govern businesses and companies and hence to prepare the budding lawyers for their future, MIT-WPU, School of Law brings to you another opportunity to explore into the world of laws and legislation in the form of its flagship event 'Corporate law fest'.

  • We bring you a number of exciting games and events, to make this exploration of astounding laws and the intricate Acts, both fun and informational.  It will provide a platform for students to showcase their legal skills and to develop their personalities. 


Programmes in the Law Fest:

  • Client counselling

  • Contract drafting

  • Debate

  • Negotiation

  • Trivia


Client counselling


The client counselling competition addresses fundamental skills essential for all successful lawyers. It promotes greater knowledge and interest among law students in the preventative law and counselling functions of law practice. It encourages students to develop interviewing, planning, analytical skills in the lawyer-client relationship. These practical skills competitions offer budding lawyers an opportunity to hone the skills that students will use as a practitioner through various intra-school and national competitions.


  • Each team shall consist of Minimum 1 participant or a team of 2 or 3 participants can participate.

  • The participants who have successfully cleared 1st level will be eligible for 2nd level.

  • The solutions must include the all the relevant legal aspects.

  • The prescribed solution should be provided in regards to the problem/ solution given to the participants.

  • There should be clarity in solutions.

  • The participants should provide solutions exclusively under Indian Law.

  • 15 minutes shall be allotted for each problem

  • There will be 3 problems allotted for a single participant, 5 problems for a team of 2 participants, and 7 problems for a team of 3 participants.

  • Best 3 participants will be awarded with prizes and e-certificates.

  • All the participants will be given participation certificate.

  • Students of three years and five-year law degree courses from any university/ college/ department in India are eligible to apply for registration.

  • Basically the problem will be on Companies Act, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, SARFASI ACT, Competition Law, Investment Law, Taxation, etc.


Main criteria for judging:

  • Ability to explain the law in simple language

  • The satisfaction of the client


There shall be two rounds of this competition:

  • Preliminary round-  Preliminary round will be held through online mode. Participants are required to make Audio/ Video on during the competition.

  • Final round- Final round will be held through online mode. Top 5 participants will be qualified for final round.


Contract drafting competition


Contract drafting competition will be conducted by MIT WPU School of Law. 

A contract drafting problem will be shared by the committee 1 week before the submission date. The result of the competition will be declared in the upcoming event.

Student securing first, second and third rank will receive Prizes and all participants will get E-certificate.

Date of Release of Problem- 13th February, 2022.

Date of Submission of Contract- 21st February, 2022


  1. Required font- times new roman 12, spacing 1.5

  2. Legal language must be used while preparing the draft

  3. The draft should be in proper format as per the given contract requirement

  4. Legal aspects should be mentioned, for e.g.: section, provisions, etc.

  5. Plagiarism should not exceed 20%


Students of Five year or Three Year Law Courses will be eligible for the competition.


Marking and rank will be allotted on the following basis:

  1. All the rules mentioned in the draft

  2. Format of the contract

  3. Relation of the contract with the problem shared etc.


Debate Competition

Debating Competitions give the participants a platform to showcase their communication and cognitive skills. It also provides as an opportunity to express themselves on matters of socio, political, economic and legal issues which the society is grappling with. The current pandemic has shaken well established norms across the world. Change is inevitable, but such global changes within a matter of days were surely not welcome.

The theme of the competition thus revolves around the issues surrounding the effects that it has caused in lives of all people.



All students above the age of 18 are allowed to participate in the competition.


Proposed Topics of the debate:

  1. Prelims- Will the legality of crypto currencies take away the power of the government or banks to impose taxes & control over the money?

  2. Finals- Should all Tribunals (such as, NGT, NCLT) be abolished, and such cases go to courts?


Online Debate Competition Rules

  • The mode of the competition is online mode.

  • Each zoom classroom/platform would comprise of 2 adjudicators, 4 participants, 1 organizing member

  • No limit on participation from one university/college

  • Each participant must be individual participant.

  • Any official ID Card of the participant is to be attached with the registration form - it is compulsory to show during the competition

  • All Participants must be in Proper formal attire during the competition

  • For and against the motion would be decided on the spot by the adjudicator

  • The committee would provide the ID and Password of the online platform (1 hour prior to the participant) on which the competition is being organized

  • If it is seen that the participant is viewing any written document or using any inappropriate language it would directly lead to disqualification from the competition

  • No reference material electronic or otherwise shall be allowed during the competition

  • Proper internet connection is required for participation in this competition and in case of blackout or improper connection, the participant may be disqualified by the adjudicator

  • Once final registration is completed, no changes would be done

  • Organizers reserve the right to alter/change the rules or procedure of the competition


*Decision of adjudicators shall be binding in case of any conflicts*


Structure of the Competition

This debate competition is based on the Traditional method of debating. In a team there will be 2 speakers. The competition is open for all Undergraduate as well as Post Graduate students.

The team has to prepare the arguments for both sides (for the motion and against motion). The competition will comprise of 2teams, one for the motion and another against the motion and the adjudicator would decide which side the participant would represent. The Four Rounds will be as follows:

Preliminary Round: Each Team shall be given 8 minutes to speak +2 minutes for rebuttal (Total 10 Minutes each team). So time bifurcation can be decided by the team members accordingly. Both speakers are required to speak atleast for 3 minutes each. 

Final Round: Four Teams will qualify for Finals. Each Team shall be given 10 minutes to speak +2 minutes for rebuttal (Total 12 Minutes each team). So time bifurcation can be decided by the team members accordingly. Both speakers are required to speak atleast for 4 minutes each. 


Marking Criteria

The following would be the marking criteria to judge the speaker during the competition:

  • Content: 20 marks

  • Presentation: 10 marks

  • language and grammatical accuracy: 10 marks

  • Preparation and Flow of Ideas: 10 marks

  • Use and clarity of Arguments: 20 marks

  • Communication skills: 20 marks

  • Time adherence: 10 marks


Negotiation Competition


Negotiation Competition helps law students to improve their communication as well as negotiation skills. Specially, in the modern legal era where the Society has started thinking of other methods like Alternate dispute resolution, it is very important to have good amount of communication skills to excel. The format of this event is as follows:

  1. There will be 16 teams.

  2. There will be two rounds. First, the qualifying round where out of 16 teams,  4 teams will be qualified for Finals..

  3. The Team who wins the final round will be declared the winner of the competition.



Students who are enrolled in a full-time law degree are eligible to participate in the competition.



  1. Each team will consist of 2 students

  2. In each session, one student of the team will be having the role of ‘Client’ and another student will be the ‘Counsel’

  3. The time limit of each session will be 60 minutes in which 50 minutes will be the actual negotiation, 10 minutes will be for any questions from the judges to the teams

  4. Failing to adhere to the time limits will invite Penalty

  5. Each team will have to submit a Negotiation Plan which will consist of the goals and objectives of the team

  6. A panel of minimum 2 Judges will evaluate the rounds

  7. The winners will be awarded Prizes.


  1. All the Teams will be given Certificate of Participation and the winner team will be given Award Certificates

  2. Failure to comply with the rules of the competition will amount to Disqualification

  3. Dress code shall be formal





The Corporate Law Fest organized by Centre of Corporate and Business Laws Committee is for the purpose of engaging students and faculties in something different from their daily scheduled lectures with various fun activities and educational sessions. Out of all the events planned, one of the activities conducted by the committee on an online platform will be a “Trivia competition” which will enable the participants to come together online and play against each other. Trivia is a competition where a quiz will be conducted in an educational and fun way and we assure that it will be a great way of brushing up one’s knowledge.

The Topics will be based on the following

  1. Basics of corporate law (for example, Competition Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Company Law)

  2. Logos

  3. Taglines


Format of the Competition:

Rounds to be conducted:

There will be 2 rounds in total

  1. Preliminary Round

  2. Final Round

The rounds will be conducted through an online mode.

Each room will consist of 5 to 6 participants (subject to change as per the number of participants) and 2 volunteers.

Rules of the Competition:

  1. Each participant will be asked the questions according to categories. The categories are classified as:

    1. Beginner

    2. Moderate

    3. Difficult

  2. Each round will have 30 questions (subject to change as per the number of participants) from various categories

  3. Each question will be worth 1 point

  4. No cell phones or any type of outside sources are allowed. Participants using any outside devices will be disqualified.

  5. The decision made by the judges will be final and binding

  6. There shall be maximum 4 participants from one college/university/institution



Students studying in the 5-year integrated Law Course and students studying in the 3-year law course are eligible for this event. 

Registration fee: Free of Cost

Participants are required to register themselves by filling up the registration form. There are no registration fees. Kindly refer to Registration Section.


Participants can only use of English language and no unparliamentarily language would be entertained.


Awards and certificates

The winners will be awarded Prizes.

All the participants would receive an online participation e-certificate.


Resolution of Disputes

If by any chance any conflict arises the decision of the Organising Committee would be taken as the final decision.


The Language of the competition will be English only

Link for registration:-

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